Is Dandruff Contagious?

So Mat, is dandruff contagious?

Good Question. Actually, It was Mark, one of my earlier visitors who asked me that question first. I still remember it because, till that time I was totally focused on only  the different treatments  for dandruff and really never told anything about the question: Is Dandruff Contagious?Most of us would have heard our parents or elders asking us to not use pillows and other stuff used by people with dandruff, due to the fear that you might also catch it. And if you have had dandruff for some time now, you might have faced the very very uncomfortable situation where someone  you lent a pillow actually refused it, and you suspected that it was due to your dandruff condition.

But the truth is: Dandruff is NOT contagious

Now how do I know that? Well, that’s what the docs say! And from my very own personal experience too, no one ever has complained that they got dandruff from me, even those who lived with me during my worst episodes of dandruff.

Looking at what is dandruff, it becomes  pretty obvious why dandruff is not contagious. As i have mentioned n number of times on this site, dandruff is not a disease. It is merely and aggravated physiological condition. As you can see on my page on what causes dandruff, it’s main causes are an oily scalp, a  fungi which feeds on the oily secretions of the scalp or sebum, which is already there on the scalp of all humans, and individual susceptibility.

Now, if you will catch dandruff depends entirely on your own susceptibility and conditions like stress, climate and all the other factors that I had stated, it becomes nearly impossible to assume that dandruff is contagious.

Nonetheless, it is always advisable to clean your combs and wash your pillow covers once a week to avoid other contagious infections like lice.

Now, relax, and forget about your itchy scalp next time you are with your partner, friend or client. You are not going to infect them. And if you are suspecting that one of them might infect you, again, forget it, and enjoy the time with them, since there is no way you can get dandruff from someone else.

So what is the answer that I gave to Mark  for his question: Is dandruff contagious?


– Mat

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One thought on “Is Dandruff Contagious?

  1. Thomas

    Yeah.. I’ve been told over and over that dandruff spreads.. and that I should not be using ANYTHING that ever touched the hair of a sufferer… It’s interesting how such myths can spread and exist..

    Thanks for letting all the dandruff sufferers here feel less guilty.


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