How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast

Time and again people ask me how to get rid of dandruff fast? All through my site, you’ll find information on various dandruff treatment methods, but I always warn that these methods do take time. You have to try them out for couple of weeks at a time on each method and stick to the one that gives you the better relief.Still, I can understand when someone wants to get rid of dandruff fast. This is because I know very well how annoying it is to have an itchy scalp and also to have those skin flakes on your shoulders when you go out in public.

So isn’t there any single method that will help to get rid of dandruff fast, as in really fast?

Do not worry, indeed there is one method that is gets the job done more quickly than the rest, but I cannot guarantee that you will find a permanent relief by just one application. Anyway, it is worth a try if you are looking to get the flakes off immediately for any reason, may be an upcoming date, meeting, or a public appearance.

This method involves the use of the renowned hot oil treatment method. You just warm some coconut oil in a pan, and then let is cool down to a comfortable temperature to be applied to your scalp. Apply it evenly using your finger tips and leave it for a few minutes. Apply one more time after fifteen minutes after warming the oil again, since it’d have cooled by now.

Now head on to the shower and use a dandruff shampoo that contains selenium sulphide, pyrithione, salicylic acid or coal tar. Wash off with cold water. Again, I ‘ll stress on this point here, you have to avoid using warm water on your hair. Use cold water to wash off the shampoo, and also use cold water every time you wash your hair. Also, avoid using a hair drier.

Take fish oil supplements and Vitamin B complex tabs starting today, and continue for a few days.

Follow the above plan for couple of days and you will definitely get rid of your itchy scalp and flakes on your shoulders for sure. Be sure to follow through with the rest of the methods on how to remove dandruff at home that I’ve mentioned and you can keep your scalp free of dandruff in the long term.

How to get rid of dandruff fast in winter

Yes, Winter does bring more dandruff with it. The air tends to be drier in winter and you lose a lot of water, and your scalp produces more sebum to fight this. The Malassezia yeast tends to love this, and you get another wave of dandruff.

So how do you fight back?

Aprilaire HumidifierBuy a humidifier!Yes, you have to make your living space more humid if you are to get rid of your dandruff fast. You can get some really good ones on amazon. Just go for it. A humidifier can also help in dry climates and regions where the atmosphere is inherently dry and arid.>> Click Here << to check out the highly recommended Aprilaire Model 700 Humidifier on

Also drink plenty of water. This is recommended at all times for people with dandruff.

Reduce the amount of stress in your life

how to get rid of dandruff fastAlso, get some rest for the week. Emotional stress is a cause for dandruff; I’ve had my worst dandruff during times of the highest emotional stress.

It is better to start meditating for a few minutes a day.

Meditation is not just useful for dandruff, but aids in your overall well being.

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- Mat

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