Does Hot Water Cause Dandruff?

 Let me tell you an instance when I myself found it confusing: does hot water cause dandruff?

This was some time back.I had just won a long struggle with dandruff using many of the methods described here on this site. I hadn’t had a dandruff issue for about two months at a stretch and I was pretty confident that I had finally got rid of the beast.Then one fine morning, I woke up to an itchy scalp. I was  kind of used to scratching my scalp for pretty much all my adult life, so I didn’t notice it at first.

Then it struck me: Did I get the dandruff back?

I headed over to the bath and examined my scalp in front of the mirror and got the scare of a lifetime. The dandruff was back!

What did I do to cause dandruff to come back?Does hot water cause dandruff

I was pretty sure that I was following all the procedures required to keep dandruff away, and I was using some of the products I have described here religiously and I had no doubt whatsoever about their effectiveness. What had gone wrong?

I played back in my mind all the stuff I had done to my hair and scalp in the preceding one week. There was only one thing that I did which was out of my regular routine. I had done a warm bath, with some very warm, or rather hot water. It was an unusually cold morning and I felt like pumping up the heat a little bit, and the hotter the water became, the better I felt. I enjoyed the shower for around 10 minutes before I turned the shower off.

So did the hot water shower cause the dandruff re-appearance?

I was not sure. So I went back to my habit of taking cold showers, and with the help of my special shampoos and regular use of coconut oil and lemon juice mix, I got all the dandruff removed in about a week.

Now, I wanted to test. I wanted to make sure that the hot water was the culprit. So I went ahead and took another shower with hot or rather really warm water. I was waiting for the dandruff to appear. I knew I was taking the risk of bringing back something I had fought for so long, but I had to find it out. And because of my rather stupid adventure, I can now tell you guys about it, and probably help some of you.

The dandruff was back! In 48 hours!

This was a HUGE discovery for me. I knew that I had found a real cause for my dandruff issue. You cannot really call it a cause, rather, it was a trigger. My body, which was already susceptible to dandruff, was being triggered to bring it back by hot water showers.

By now, I was pretty confident that I can remove dandruff whenever I wanted. So I decided to take the chance to try out a different approach. I tried rinsing my hair with cold water every time I did a warm shower. After the shower, I would give a rinse to my whole scalp with cold water.

Boy, it did feel refreshing. And guess what, when used along with tea tree based shampoo from Paul Mitchell, this really got rid of my dandruff in about the same time as when I was taking cold showers only.

So if you are living in a country/ region where it is too cold to take a cold shower, you can always resort to just rinsing your scalp and hair with cold water to remove and to prevent dandruff.

I am not saying that all who take a warm shower will get dandruff. The point is that, if your body is susceptible to dandruff, warm water showers are likely to trigger it.

I would like to hear from you guys about your own experiences with warm/hot/cold showers and dandruff.


- Mat.

 Image courtesy: Flickr